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Suitable Material and Low Cost

When determining the construction and materiality of buildings, aspects such as life cycle, resource conservation and user health should also be taken into account. In this way, they can be selected to suit the respective function in the building.

Selecting Suitable Construction Methods and Materials

The design possibilities for a sustainable building are almost unlimited. The use requirements can be met with a wide variety of layouts, construction methods and building materials. In sustainable building, the evaluation of interactions and conflicts that can occur between different objectives during the planning phase is particularly important.

Well-designed buildings made of suitable materials can be used for a long time. The extraction, manufacturing and subsequent further use of building materials should be taken into account in all planning.

The consideration of the life cycle plays a special role in the sustainable construction of a building. This includes, in particular, taking the operation of the building into account, but also avoiding risks - for example from pollutants or climate change. In this way, optimal solutions can be developed.

The following are essential points for the development of design and materiality. These must always be considered in the context of the ecological and economic quality of the building.


  • Selection of durable materials with easily separable and unmixed layers
  • Observance of maintenance and cleaning
    • e.g. Accessibility of (glass) surfaces to be cleaned or claddings
  • Highest possible technical qualities of the construction, as it is difficult to retrofit in the further life cycle, e.g.
    • Precautions against natural hazards such as storms, heavy rain, hail or floods
    • Heat, moisture and sound insulation
    • Building construction that is easy to clean and maintain, as well as technical building equipment
    • Space and structure reserves for future adaptations


At the centre of a design for a building with suitable material and low costs are:

  • Building design that makes it easy to clean and maintain
  • Resource-saving construction through an appropriate load-bearing structure, building cubature
  • A building material concept that takes all aspects of sustainable building into account
  • Minimal risks with regard to possible construction damage