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Further Information and Working Aids for Sustainable Building

For the implementation of the requirements for sustainable buildings, supplementary information offers, working aids and reliable databases are made available here.


Overview of Further Documents

Planning Competitions

With the system for sustainability requirements in planning competitions (SNAP), essential specifications for the sustainability of buildings can already be adequately taken into account in competitions.

Building Materials

The planning aid WECOBIS provides basic knowledge and working aids for the selection of healthy and environmentally friendly building materials for planning and tendering. This includes information on ingredients and environmental effects of materials and tender texts.


ÖKOBAUDAT provides basic data for eco-balancing and contains both generic data sets and company- or association-specific data sets from environmental product declarations (EPD).

Life Cycle Assessments

Electronic Life Cycle Assessment (eLCA) serves as a tool for the simple eco-balancing of buildings. The building component editor enables the clear modelling of building components and the assessment of environmental impacts according to the balancing rules for the preparation of eco-balancing methods.

Durability of Structural or Technical Components

The data within the “Service Life Table” from the BBSR is used for estimations and calculations of life cycle costs (LCC) and eco-balancing (LCA) of buildings within the framework of the application of BNB. Within BNB, a period of 50 years is considered; relevant here are those components that have a lower period of use. Since the service life of structural or technical components are based, among other things, on empirical values and not on measurable tests, no binding statements (warranties, construction contracts, expert opinions, etc.) can be derived from the data.