Practical Experience

The accompaniment of the planning phase will be a decisive factor in the future for the implementation of sustainable building alongside the evaluation of already existing buildings.

Specifically for the project management of federal building projects, the questions remain, how can the total quality of a building be optimised, how do the criteria interact and what proof needs to be provided. In answer to those questions, the BBSR has commenced its first pilot project in consideration of the BNB, in order to gain further experience in operation and the practicality of the system of evaluation.


The sustainability consultation as part of the planning of a new building for the Federal Environment Agency in Berlin Marienfelde, taken on by the division “Sustainable Building” in the BBSR is an ambitious pilot project. The Federal Environment Agency intended to build a new administrative building with consultation rooms, social rooms and approx. 30 places of work as a “no energy house”. “No Energy” is taken to mean a balance between heat and electricity use, which is why all energy required is to be created by or through the building itself. To that end, the BNB system is used to accompany the planning, so that the total grade of fulfilment is determined to DD-Con and DE-Con and the building is continuously optimised. After completion of the building, it will be evaluated.